“connie & jimmy” – Episode 1


“connie & jimmy” is romantic nostalgia. We romanticize the thought of taking a horse-carriage ride, as if it makes us feel connected to our ancestors. It’s quite the opposite actually. To honor them we ought to observe the past and allow it to assist us in building a brighter future. We now know that the horse-drawn carriage industry is inhumane, dangerous to horses and people, and unnecessary. Alternatives are available. It’s time to make history!

Thanks to people like Connie and Jimmy of the web-series “Connie & Jimmy”, who so passionately love animals, horses in NYC will not labor another day!

Governor Bill De Blasio has made the following statement: http://www.billdeblasio.com/issues/humane-city

Gosh, don’t get pulled in. Boycott horse-drawn carriages.