“connie & jimmy” episode 4

Connie & Jimmy

The stars align in episode 4 of “connie & jimmy”! Inspired by the 1953 film I Love Melvin. This episode will keep you “A-boodle-oo beep beep baum baum baum”-ing for hours. In episode 4, our charismatic duo has returned home from a frustrating dinner party. What’s on the menu must also match what’s in the heart. Our conscientious couple can’t help but shake it off in this delightful twist on “Where Did You Learn To Dance?” originally performed by Debbie Reynolds and Donald O’Connor.

“connie & jimmy” enthusiastically shares TrueLoveHealth.com (http://truelovehealth.com/) as a resource for all your plant-based nutrition inquiries. It is sure to put a spring in your step!

Don’t bite the bum of an animal carcass. Plant-based protein is everywhere!


connie – Connie Castanzo
jimmy – James Koroni

writer, director & co-producer – james koroni
co-produced by Civil Sea Films
co-choreographers – james koroni & Tracey Katof
director of photography – Ben Effinger
editor – Laura Mazzeo
grip – justin van wie